It’s Time WE Learn To Compete as a Team.

Stop waiting years that turn into decades and never find your PURPOSE.

Get started right away because YOUR clock is ticking!

Train your Children to compete before they graduate High School, Trade School and/or College.

Plant new seeds in your LIFE!

In this time of demanding change, PRAYING, SINGING and MARCHING is NOT enough without including a LONGTERM ECONOMIC STRATEGY that passes from GENERATION TO GENERATION. This is called SUCCESSION Planning!

Change comes to Government AND not from Government!

In order to have permanent Change. We must come together and learn how to socially, politically and economically remove oppressive INSTITUTIONAL barriers once and for all to social equality, but we MUST start within our INDIVIDUAL selves and then Learn How to Work as a TEAM.

The only OBSTACLE is your refusal to ACT in your own best interests.

This is a supplemental Spiritual and Educational Ministry dedicated to your Personal Growth and Professional Development.

Let Your JOURNEY begin!


This MINISTRY can benefit anyone who is open and willing to Learn New Ways. It is for everyone and especially if you feel lost and left behind without PURPOSE. This is the time to evolve and grow into the person you have only been dreaming of becoming. 

You can sign up below to Begin Your Journey AND learn more about this educational MINISTRY and MOVEMENT. You can always unsubscribe, if you Desire to Give Up on yourself before your Journey is Complete.

Contact ME

If you have a particular question and/or want to schedule an appointment with me before YOU get involved.  You can schedule an appointment using the “Book Online” Tab above.


Let me briefly share with YOU who I AM because this is my calling AND everyone needs a Mentor, AND especially before Your Children start off in LIFE.

I am an Air Force Veteran and as you will learn. I have a well rounded Personal and Professional background.

I am a parent and have raised three children who are very successful as well as many other non biologicals who needed my support and guidance while growing up. I know what it takes to produce excellence.

I am an ordained Minister raised in the traditional Church which has enslaved the MIND of too many because it was birthed out of slavery and bondage, failing to meet the MODERN needs of its constituency. I come to YOU with a fresh liberating and spiritually empowering perspective. I refer to this as a 21st Century MINISTRY that empowers not only with the WORD of God but teaches Gods PEOPLE how to Prosper according to hidden and untaught Scripture which is intended to empower and not in the oppressive ways of THE PAST in which we have been indoctrinated. My goal is to make sure all those who seek Truth, Justice and Righteousness have the right information, skills and support to find their purpose in LIFE in order to reach their full potential.

My Goal is to provide a WAY out of POVERTY and OPPRESSION through the RENEWING OF THE SPIRITUAL and (sub)CONSCIOUS MIND given to each of us at our CREATION.

I have worked in the Financial Planning, Tax Preparation, Corporate Finance and Legal Profession for over 40 years. As an attorney for 24 of those years. I have experience in the areas of Family Law, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Business, Probate and Estate Planning just to highlight a few areas of my Practice. I know the obstacles which face those striving to get ahead.

Listen, My University In Your Home Program will train you and your family, resurrecting the lost and restoring the lives of individuals and communities, so they too can live their best lives. The MINISTRY is FREE and the price is extremely affordable for my University In Your Home Program that is waiting just for you.

This Ministry is designed for YOU to make it your Own.

If you are willing to use your FREE Will for this purpose. Your LIFE “will” change for the better. I’m sure YOU heard the phrase that YOU should pull yourself up by their bootstraps. Guess what? Here they are! There is a catch, in exchange for a portion (10%) of your Time, Talents and Treasures. YOU must be willing to invest this back into your Personal Growth and Professional Development. YOU heard right! A Ministry that invests in YOU. I will provide YOU with these magical shoes and bootstraps (See Below) AND all that is required for them to WORK, is that YOU use a portion of your ENERGY, EFFORT and ENTHUSIASM used to make others Rich. Instead YOU use this portion for yourself. Making yourself your own BUILDING FUND.

This is a Win, Win scenario when YOU invest in yourself. Everyone must learn how to compete and speak the same language AND be on the same page when we begin to flip the pages.

I will educate YOU, refine YOU and Rehabilitate YOU, to become marketable and successful. An entrepreneur able to compete in LIFE because LIFE is a Business.

Listen, the MINISTRY consists of Five (5) Certificate Programs where YOU learn to nurture a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul which produces clear thinking. Once YOU are educated to take care of yourself and build Generational Wealth. YOU can then pay it FORWARD and I will make it profitable for YOU to “work and build” together in the Spirit of UNITY.


Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq. Pastor of the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity, A 21st Century Ministry in Personal Growth and Professional Development


Email me at claudsinclairministries@gmail.com

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Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.

Pastor of the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity

At Your Service!

Stop being distracted and Pull Yourself Up

Here are your MAGIC Boots!

If you have it all together join forces with me, so we can help others with your background and experience. This is a Ministry in the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Generational Wealth.

Helping Each Other and Our Communities to LIVE more Prosperous Lives.

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